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On this page you will find links to datasets, podcasts, the ISCP blog, and the ISA monthly newsletter, as well as to the discussion pages for review articles.

The Compendium Project is a living project, and we invite your interaction and feedback on both the individual articles and the project as a whole. 

You can comment on individual articles through the online edition of the Compendium or by clicking on the Article Discussion Area link below and we would be especially interested in hearing about new literatures and perspectives.  We hope to update review articles periodically and it will be useful for us to know what is being added to the literature in an issue area, and what we may have missed.

The project will be updated about every 6 months and we look forward to your input as we plan to make changes.


The ISCP blog reports on news and developments in the field and provides an opportunity for feedback and discussion about the project and its future.

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Scholars discuss their research on topics relevant to the their review articles.

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A selection of links to datasets for international studies

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